The paranormal researcher returns to MSU on Thursday

The paranormal researcher returns to MSU on Thursday

October 18 - MANKATO - In 2019, Chad Lewis found himself at Calvary Cemetery in Mankato in hopes of summoning a demon.

The so-called demon is believed to be Peter Follmann, a deceased Mankato physician buried in the Follmann Mausoleum.

The doctor was a popular and profitable physician until his death in 1911 at the age of 75. There was nothing unusual in his life or death that would suggest his spirit had been offended. In fact, all critics considered him a citizen of integrity.

But it is said that his mausoleum is haunted and if someone knocked on his doors, they would hear a knock again from inside, summoning the spirit of the "Demon Doctor" and he would drive them out of the cemetery.

Lewis, a supernatural researcher, author and lecturer, dared to knock on the haunted doors of the mausoleum and documented his expertise on his YouTube channel, Supernatural Dares.

The man from Eau Claire, Wisconsin has traveled the world, taking on related challenges and seeking out strange and unusual stories.

Lewis returns to Mankato Thursday from 7-9 p.m. at Minnesota State University's Ostrander Auditorium to share all about his paranormal experiences and the stories he's collected across Minnesota and southern Minnesota.

"I haven't been there for years," he said. "I'm coming back with new stuff. It's going to be awesome."

The free event is open to the general public, and Bill Tourville, associate director of campus packages at MSU, encourages everyone to attend.

The occasion will include an intimate showcase of haunted locations across Minnesota. Photos, stories of stories and other stories will be included. A question and an answer will match.

The auditorium will also be honored with a special visit from a holographic ghost.

"It's going to be a lot of fun," Lewis said.

Lewis holds bachelor's and master's degrees in psychology and was fascinated by why some people consider the supernatural while others do not.

He began speaking at analysis symposia on belief systems and human concepts, where people would later turn to him for help regarding the paranormal.

Although it was not his area of expertise at the time, Lewis never missed an opportunity to further his research.

From there, his supernatural adventures began and his research continues.

His books documenting everything are available at the event.